30 minutes = Rs. 1000/-
Ask A Question by Email Rs. 1000/-
Kundli Matching+Couple Compatibility+Mangal Dosha = Rs. 2000/-
Vaastu = Rs. 5/- per sq foot
Remedy suggestion for specific problem as per Astrology & Vaastu = Rs. 10000/-
You know its Rikhav Khimasia you are talking to, not someone in a call centre, who is paid per minute of talking and creates minutes for his company, himself and the mobile operator.
Better than ordering on websites, where you really don’t know who answered your query, an Intern or THE astrologer himself/herself.
The best part is that Rikhav Khimasia does not sell Gems or Yantras to you to earn.
He is good at Diagnosis of your problem (that is what he charges for)
Wishing you good luck
Rikhav Khimasia
Call – WhatsApp-Paytm : 9925171291
mail                                   :

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