A lesson from the Financial Surgical Strike aka 9/11/2016

A lesson from the Financial Surgical Strike aka 9/11/2016


Nobody knows whether this was to face the counterfiet money issue, black money of govt officers, politicians, large businessmen, hoarders, satta operators, hawala agents, or the small businessmen.


One thing is sure, small and medium businessmen, industrialists professionals  and the like, are hit the most. The black money they have/had, funds the charities that support army welfare, army widows, natural disasters and such other calamities where the common man of India suffers at the most. The black money they have is what the Indian economy runs on, it supports employment, self employment, the spinal cord of INDIA. By blocking that money Modi has made life very difficult, not only for them but for the general public as well.


Another point, why would a small businessman or large industrialist have 10 lakhs to 1 crore or 10 crore of unaccounted money? Because may be, to survive as a business man and industrialist and be able to function well, they require that money for oiling the system. Does Modiji think, that the system will stop asking for that oil? The need of the day was to stop corruption by a master stroke, by arresting and punishing a few thousands at one go, by strengthening the whistle blowers and ACB.


Govt officials, small time politicians extra large businessmen and such others do not keep this huge cash, they are always invested in real estate/gold/NSC and the like, for them this is just a small pinch, also they will continue in their unholy ways and means and find out some other way than accepting cash, so my dear common man, Modi’s such step is almost useless, corruption is going to continue and your and my pain will increase.


Lesson for the ones who stand to lose their money.


That money was lying with us, useless, it was of no benefit to our needy relatives, really needy relatives, neither was it of any use to other needy people, also we were also not using that money, we just stored a huge amount for the rainy day which could come anytime in the future, but for the small rational amount that we would need, the rest was useless, so the useless money is officially made useless by modi. We will all get over this pain sooner or later and will again start making that unofficial heap, but we should learn from this, that more important is, the illegal money we have has come from crime(sin) and now that money we could or cannot even use it, forget for charity, not even for pleasure!!! What a parody. So lets make it a lesson learnt, that the new times when we again have a bundle not useful for us, lets make it useful for others, at least.




Rikhav Khimasia

Astro-Vaastu Consultant



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Do you or your wife have Mangal Dosha?

Do you or your wife have Mangal Dosha?



In Indian Vedic Kundali Matching there is a lot of importance to Mangal Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Kuja Dosham, Manglik Dosha, Manglika Dosha, in these days.


People it seems fear so much from this dosha that they just pay attention to only Mangal Dosha and not anything else in the Kundali Matching.


So what actually is Mangal Dosha, why so much fear and worry about it? Let me explain how it is formed.


When Mangal is in the Ascendant (first house) or in the fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house, Mangal Dosha is formed.


As per Dev Karalam (South Indian treatise on astrology) when Mangal is in the second house then also Mangal Dosha is formed.


Mangal in these houses aspects the seventh house of matrimony and the eighth house of longevity and sexual activity in the married life. Mangal, being a natural malefic and a hot planet of anger and temper, its aspect or placements in these houses influences the following.


In the ascendant, it gives a hot temperament and aspects the seventh and the eighth house, which hurts the matrimony.


In the second house, Mangal gives temperamental speech and as it aspects the eighth house, it again hurts the matrimonial home, through speech.


In the fourth house, Mangal gives hurt emotions and as it aspects the seventh house, ones influence of hurt emotions and feelings will hamper the marriage.


In the seventh house, the partner will also be hot tempered and as his Mangal aspects the ascendant, the person himself or herself will be temperamental so sparks are deemed to fly everywhere in the married life.


In the eighth house, Mangal destroys the longevity of oneself and with its aspect to the second house, creates hot speech, influencing marital harmony.


In the twelfth house, Mangal will aspect the seventh house and as it is in the twelfth house of bed comforts, one may be highly active in sexual activity and hamper the marriage home due to frivolous sexual demands and activity.


Above are given the true effects of Mangal Dosha/Kuja Dosha.


Unfortunately most of the time, people purely and instantly predict the Mangal Dosha, with just noting the planetary position of Mangal. But many people do not heed to the notes of Parashar about the natural cancellation of Mangal Dosha.


Whenever Mangal becomes the ascendant lord or Yog Karaka, the dosha gets nullified, naturally. Mangal in conjunction with or under the aspect of Guru (Jupiter) as Guru is a wise man, it propitiates Mangal. Moon and Mangal together in a sign (conjunction), will also nullify the Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha. Debilitated Mars (Neecha Mangal) is sign Cancer, nullifies the Dosha. When one crosses the age of 28, Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha gets naturally nullified as by that time one naturally gets more matured about one’s anger and temperament.


Further, even if one has a Mangal/Kuja Dosha, if the prospective bride or groom, has Shani in any of the 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses the Dosha gets nullified, because Shani, is the opposite of Mangal, it is cold and practical and so can handle the temperament of Mangal.


The Shadbala strength should also be checked, because if it is weak in Shadbala, is of Vriddha Avastha or Mrut Avastha or Baal Avastha, Mangal cannot do any harm.


After cross checking all these above points and issues, should one responsibly say whether the client has a Mangal or Kuja Dosha or not.


If one finds that definitely there is Mangal/Kuja Dosha in the horoscope, then Mangal Dosha Shanti should be done by a competent Brahmin. In such cases, never try to save some small money by performing the Mangal Dosha Puja or Shanti on one’s own, as in the current life styles, the laid Vedic Principles cannot be followed to propitiate planets.


May Love-Peace and Hope Bless us all


Mahaveer’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


Astro-Vaastu consultant (Rourkela)

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Karma, Astrology and remedies

Karma, Astrology and remedies


On reading my earlier two amateurish articles on Karma, I received queries like, then why is there astrology? Why are these remedies of various kinds in astrology and religion. If Karma works, and it decide your future, your life and its turns and twists and doing Karma is a matter of choice, then can prayers and astrology and gem remedies, mantra, tantra, yantra, belief, faith, law of attraction, positive thinking etc., work?


Yes and No, its a case to case basis and again subject to new additional Karma.


Prayers, belief, faith, positive thinking, law of attraction, may work, I have seen in many cases, NOT all, but I noticed that these people prayed and believed, had faith and positive thinking etc., with full pure devotion and had started doing good karma too, repented on their past actions, started correcting the wrongs they or their elders had done. Just prayers, or rituals or anything else without all these have not been observed to work.


There is another set of people who use negative oriented mantras, yantras and tantra (kind of black magic, voodoo etc.) People who use these systems build up new negative bad Karma, for they neither do good karma, nor accept their own past Karma and also actually harm the other party with this black magic. Its like, you owe 100000, to someone, but also need 50000 immediately for something really important in life, the creditor comes to you with police in tow, now you could either give him 50000 saying I need 50000 for this very important thing, please forgive for now and I will repay later, you could have given back all the 100000 and faced the loss of that important event or need. You but chose to run away with the 100000, which your creditor needed most urgently and without which his loss could have been more than yours. Now, you owe him 100000, a police case, loss that the creditor suffered by not receiving his money on time. You definitely solved your two problems, but added more Karma.


Now, the fun is, everytime (birth after birth) you do this tactic (black magic, mantras, tantra, yantra etc), the creditor will learn a lot of your tactics and one day come with enough police force surrounding your house with aerial watching too and come upon you so suddenly, while he himself so well planned with all backup that now you cant escape it at all and have to repay for everything as explained earlier.


Astrology can work, it can tell you the possible problem, the duration you will experience it and remedies like gems, positive mantras and yantras, prayers and deities to pray too. But these remedies statically on their own do not help, you have to start doing good karma in all aspects of life, change thinking, attitude etc. Note, these remedies suggested my astrologers cannot change the destiny or situation, they help you create a mindset towards it, create opportunities, which you will be able to see, observe and use when you also start doing good karma with positive change in thought, speech, attitude.


Rikhav Khimasia

Astro-Vastu consultant

Rourkela (services available online too)


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Results of Solar Eclipse of 1st Sept 2016

Results of Solar Eclipse of 1st Sept 2016

Solar Eclipse comes on 1st September 2016. Know what could be in store for you in your life from this Solar eclipse to the next.

2016 mein 1st septemberko surya grahan hai. Janiye aapke jeevan mein ye surya grahan, agle surya grahan tak kya fal dega.

These results are based on your sign. Your personal horoscope and the aspects that the planets in that horoscope will determine whether to increase or decrease the severity of the predictions.

Ye fal rashi aadharit hai. Aapki vyaktigat kundli ke anya grahon ka is Surya Grahan se jo sambhandh banega vo tay karega is fal ko badhaake dena ya ghataake dena.



You may come across sorrow or unhappines through your kids. You could face problems and delays in matters related to children and love life.

Bacchho se dukh aut narajgi utpan hona, santaan prapti aur pyaar ke maamlo mein pareshani aur dikkat ho sakti hai



War like situation in domestic life, problems due to or through mother. Decrease in happiness and peace could be experienced.

Gharelu jeevan mein Ashanti, maa se pareshaaniyan ho sakti hai, such aur shanti mein katauti mehsoos ho sakti hai



Conveyance and travelling may be painful and unsuccessful. Your younger siblings could pain you.

Yataayaat aur pravas dukhmay aur asafal ho sakte hai. Chhote bhai bahen aapko haani dukh pahuncha sakte hain.



You may experience fiscal loss or loss in business/profession. There are scopes of reduced sources of income.

Aaarthik nuksaani or vyasaay mein ghaataa hone ki sambhaavna hai. Aay ke saadhan kam hone ki gunjaish hai.



You could face physical problems. There could be accidents, bone fractures. Take care while strolling or driving vehicles.

Shaaririk musibate aane ki sambhaavna hai. Accident ho sakta hai, bone fracture bhi ho jaye. Chalne, ghumne firne mein saavdhaani barte.



There are possibilities of Hospitalization, jail or being bound in one place. You could be a victim of theft and dacoity.

Aspataal, jail aur bandhan yog bante hain. Chori dakaiti ka shikaar bhi ban sakte hai. Saavdhaani barte aur apne karmon ki samhaalein.



You could have issues with or from relatives, society and friends. You could be humiliated in your society, stay aware and clear.

Sambandhiyo aur yaar dosto ki baabato mein taqlifen aa sakti hain. Samaaj mein naak kat sakti hai, samhaal kar rahiye.



You could face hardships in your field of work and profession, troubles in these areas may tail you. You may have to suffer a lot of pain.

Karma, vyavasaay kshetra mein kathinaaiyaan aur pareshani aapke peecchhe pad sakti hai. Bahut taklif saheni padegi.



You may come across problems in matters related to or through religion and law, whose solution would also be against you.

Dharmik aur kaanooni rassto se aapko pareshaaniyaa aa sakti hai jiska niraakaran bhi aapke khilaaf hone ki sambhaavnaa hai



You could have to dip into your savings, you may also create new debts. Your financial liabilities and responsibilities may increase.

Bachat mein se kharch karna pad sakta hai, naya karj utpan ho sakta hai, aarthik jawaabdaariyaan badh sakti hai.



Married life may be painful; or sorrowful, Your life partner may be most of the time unhappy with you.

Daampatya jivan dukhmay aur dard bharaa ho sakta hai. Jeevan saathi naraj jyaadaatar rahe sakta/sakti hai.



Take care in matters related to job, you may have to face a lot of music. Take care of your health. You may have to visit hospitals.

Nokri ke maamlo mein sambhaaliye, bahut saari kathinaaiyaan aa sakti hai. Sehat sambhaale rakhna. Hospital jaane ke yog ban sakte hai.

NOTE:As Saturn aspects the eclipse, negative results are highlighted.

NONDH:Shani ki drishti is grahan pe hone se, nakaaraatmak fal diye gaye hain



Rikhav Khimasia

(BBA-Marketing Management & International Trade)

Astro&Vastu consultant – Personal-Financial-Corporate

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Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.

Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.



A good transit for any type of work and fulfilling duties that contribute to your personal growth. This transit indicates good health, personal growth, responsibility and service. Progress in the above areas is indicated. Enjoyment and fulfilment of desires, improvement in service or job, or a new job with better opportunities is indicated. Expect favours from superiors and subordinates, which will put you in a good position.


These 13 months is an excellent period for health, vigour and vitality. Recovery from illness will be speedy, take care of your diet, avoid over indulgence.



Your self expression will grow as never before. You will be courageous and expressive to others, without selfishness and egotism. Relations with others will be greatly improved. A good time for love and starting a new relationship, getting engaged etc. You will feel proud of your children and their development. Your creative potential is increased. There is a gain of money.


You may thus be blessed with child, gains, happiness, friendship with good persons, royal favour, in this potentially good period. Defeat of enemies, increased property, gain of knowledge, favour from superiors and success.



A good transit for peace and security. Your home, family, personal life, property and conveyance will greatly improve. You will acquire property or make alterations, additions in it. Investment in real estate will be rewarding. Good domestic bliss, generous and good support to family, relations with parents will be cordial and you may gain through them.


This transit is more useful for making family life, home and personal life more secure and comfortable. Increase in confidence is also foreseen.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.


Increase in your contacts in the immediate surroundings. Gain through writings and communications. Favourable travels are indicated. Cordial relations with brothers, sisters and gains through them. A good time for marriage and public relationships. You are on the verge of making new friendships.


Do not commit to projects that are out of reach or ability, otherwise there will be loss of position, separation from loved ones, fear, obstacles in business, profession and ill health.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.



You will acquire gain of money, wealth, domestic happiness. There will be defeat of enemies, marriage, birth of a son, new position and status. The transit will be favourable in the sphere of material possession and resources. You can increase your spiritual standard and other dimensions of life.


Comfort and pleasure will be your. This is a good period for purchase of property and articles of enjoyment.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.



This is the beginning of a major cycle of growth in your life, You will feel more secure about yourself, but do not exaggerate your importance. You can gain new experiences. This is a good time for learning. Do not be childish or prejudiced, otherwise you will have unfavourable circumstances, heavy expenditure, unfavourable journeys, increase in enemies etc.


You will have help from others. The persons to whom you will be attached or involved, will be beneficial to you through mutual help.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.



The benefits will not be obvious. Good for learning, spiritual and religious journeys. Preceptor in a guise in any form. Occultism and metaphysics will be of great comfort and support. You may spend in arrogance and try to cheat others. This transit will support those who are good, and spiritual, religious and just.


You will have fear, mental anguish, grief and fear caused through property. Litigation tensions, journeys, separation from family, imprisonment, anxiety, increased expenditure may be experienced.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.



You will be blessed with a child, acquire new position, honour, gain money, have domestic happiness and good health. There will be a gain of luxury items, pleasures, promotions, respect and prosperity. This is a favourable time for marriage prospects.  There will be fulfilment of hopes, help and benefit from friends and elder brothers.


Do not try to go alone for any work, group working will be very beneficial. You will have new acquaintances and a broad outlook. Do not be selfish. Success all-round will be experienced.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.



Good news regarding your profession, career and social status is indicated, provide reasonable efforts are made with several cautions. Avoid dominating, overbearing and arrogant attitude and inflated ego, which may lead to trouble with superiors, loss of respect, humility, danger to property, profession, position and children.


Death of son, domestic quarrels and change of place may happen. Avoid resentment to others. You may have reward or recognition for your work, expect a promotion, govt recognition.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.


Prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasure, increased income, land or houses. Pilgrimage and good spiritual advancement. Troubles through children. You may have opportunity for extensive and long travels, interest in studies of profound subjects, philosophy, metaphysics, religion etc.


You will gain through religion, communication, travels, foreign and international matters, or you will be involved in business.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.


Jupiter for you indicates this year related to inheritances, sudden gains, insurance and the like. You will be benefitted from other people’s resources. Good period for joint ventures and resources such as business, partnership, etc., This is good time for requesting for loans from banks, friends etc. There will be fortunate changes in your life.


You are likely to experience occult, religious and spiritual upliftment. You may but have fatigue by wearisome travelling, adversity and accidents due to journeys.


Jupiter the most beneficial planet moves into Kanya rashi (Virgo Sign) on 12th August 2016, know what is in store for you till 13th September 2017.


This period is favourable for marriage, partnerships and contracts. Gain and help through people and mutual relationships is indicated. This is a good period for assistance from lawyers, doctors and other consultants. Civil suits will be in your favour, a close relation with a foreigner or partner or the opposite gender will be to your advantage.


Overall you will travel on an auspicious undertaking, will be happy with wife, children, respect and happiness will be yours.

Rikhav Khimasia


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(Sequel 2) Karma – How and why does it work? – 2

Karma – How and why does it work? – 2


Karma can be accumulated in many ways as follows


  1. Purposefully proactively doing an action
  2. Commiting an action in response or as reaction
  3. Supporting someone actively or passively in doing an action with yourself being in full knowledge
  4. Supporting someone actively or passively in doing an action knowingly
  5. By being a willing or unwilling witness to an action which you could stop or reduce the impact by intervention
  6. Not performing one’s duties and responsibilities
  7. Delaying of one’s duties and responsibilities
  8. Intervening of hindering someone in conducting one’s responsibilities
  9. Karma can be done not only physically but mentally as well as verbally too, directly or indirectly through others, actively or passively.


One thus needs to be aware, continuously aware of deeds, thoughts and speech.


The highest form of Karma is telling a victim that what one is going through is his/her bad karma. Telling such things is Karmic because how would you know that it is his/her bad Karma that s/he is going through bad times? Its like salt over injury.


What to do when you realise that you or your elders/ancestors have committed Karma?


  1. Accept it as new Karma
  2. Take responsibility of it
  3. Be open to go through what ever will come out as a result of it
  4. Repent
  5. Pray
  6. Pray for the victim/s
  7. Undo it as much as possible


This way, if it is new Karma, one will be able to erase it and if it is an old account, you will infact be rewarded many times in many ways, because in this process you have started doing good karma.


One then comes to a question-If I continuously do good Karma in this highly materialistic world, wont my kids rebuke me? Wont my near and dear ones taunt me? How will my family survive? – Well the point is right, but thats where exactly, the CHOICE of and importance of Karma comes up, slip once and keep on slipping over and over collecting bad Karma all the way. At such points in life, at such crisis situations, follow nature’s law and without stooping in your character or goodwill, keep on facing the tough times. (who knows those tough times are the result of your already bad Karma of the same incarnation or a previous one or of your elders/ancestors?). Just think, past bad Karma brought on you difficult times, now when you proactively do one or more bad Karma to solve the current troubles, you have not ended your past bad Karma, its results are going to come up more severely in this or next life time and you have now added more bad Karma by one more act.


Such chain Karma are the results we see in many people’s lives, full of troubles, sickness, poverty, sorrow, despair, one by one coming up in a never ending line.


So what should one do? Face it and fight it, stand up to ethics and help will be round the corner from unsuspecting quarters, the Mantra is fight with ethics. I have experienced it many a times in my life, I believe in it, I live by it. Keep on forgiving the oppressors too, this way you will cleanse your Karma very fast and finally you will ensure for yourself a clean book, no sorrow in the future lives.


Dont worry about what family members will think, they will learn from you automatically, some day, based on their own levels and learnings of the life times they have been through. Everybody will learn this, the choice is, to learn it the hardway through experiencing many life times or through awareness and choice.



Rikhav Khimasia

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