The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.

The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.


I have come across many people who purchase or rent out properties that face East direction only. Not all East direction properties bring prosperity and success, you may have seen many such properties bringing in utter financial disaster and sorrow in many different areas of life at the same time or one after the other and the poor guy just does not let go of the highly important North facing and/or east facing property.


You know why they do so? Because books and newspapers and the vaastu shastris who become so by reading these books play a lot of stress on the very pious most important North and/or East facing property.


Actually, only those people find advantages of properties which have entrances facing directions as per the horoscope of the owner/head of the family. Renting should also be done based on the horoscope of the main tenant or as per the head of the family.


So, in what direction should you have main door if your Ascendant / Lagna as per horoscope is


Aries – North West

Taurus – East

Gemini – North

Cancer – South East

Leo – South

Virgo – North East

Libra – West

Scorpio – West

Sagittarius – North East

Capricorn – South

Aquarius – South East

Pisces – North


This is to be followed because Astrology and Vaastu both go hand in hand together as planets play a major role in both.


Follow the above table you will be happy.


To confirm this, notice the overall success and happiness level or failures and unhappiness levels or abilities to fight failures and unhappiness, of those who have entrances as per their ascendant / lagna.



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