Venus in Leo – 15th September 2017

Transiting Venus enters Leo, the sign of the Lion, symbolizing, the king, on 15th September 2017 and stays there till 9th Oct 2017, for 23 days. As such Venus is a fast moving planet and changes signs every month, so this transit ought not to be considered important to write something about, but as Leo is the universal sign of LOVE & ROMANCE, stationed in the fifth house of love of the Zodiac it has some importance regarding love matters.


Venus signifies, romance and love, it is placed in the fifth house of the zodiac, the house of love and romance.


Those with strong lords of the fifth house (of their personal Ascendant horoscopes), are naturally bound to be romantic in nature. These guys and gals, irrespective of who that planet is, will find themselves transmitting, seeking love and romance. Based on your personal horoscopes, you will all find success in your endeavours.


Those with weak personal lord of the fifth house of love, will also be wanting to seek and/or transmit love and, but you people may find it a bit hard and tough. Wait for the proper personal transit.


Ascedant-Lagna wise predictions


Aries: Love and romance is in the air. Enjoy it, bask in it.


Taurus: You may find good returns and benefits regarding home, house, domestic happiness and a few of you may spend on luxury cars as well.


Gemini: Your relations with siblings will find smoothness and those who already are on a comfortable plane will bond nicely.


Cancer: Aaah, you guys seem to have a flood of cash and jewellery, good returns on investments or bonuses and what not coming your way.


Leo: All soft hearted , doing away with your ego and pride, you people too seem to find your love of life in these 23 days.


Virgo: Total wastage of money and charishma over love matters and miscalculated romances. You people may spend too much in this period, please be careful.


Libra: Love found within your own friend circle. Social visits may open up a lot of opportunities for romancing and love.


Scorpio: You may be soft on your careers and look around for some fun and joy at the workplace pr through it. It may include a leisurely trip too.


Sagittarius:  Your belief in Godesses and deities may increase this time around and times for lady luck to smile on you.


Capricorn: Accidents due to over indulgence in food wine and the other W may score high for yu guys in this period around, Stay insured, at least if not careful!!!!


Aquarius: There, you have it, the much awaited and required, love, romance and THE spark in your married life, just overcomes you. Happy honeymooning!!!


Pisces: Be careful of girls at the workplace and if you are a girl, be wary of boys. Enmities of grave orders may crop up just due to love and romance issues.


Wishing you all good luck and May God bless you



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