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God & Astrology – Bhagwan & Jyotish

Every 1 says “GOD does not create a lock without it’s key & GOD does not give you problems without its solutions. Trust Him.   True. Very true. No objection to it. BUT   1. do we know that the … Continue reading

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Venus in Leo – 15th September 2017

Transiting Venus enters Leo, the sign of the Lion, symbolizing, the king, on 15th September 2017 and stays there till 9th Oct 2017, for 23 days. As such Venus is a fast moving planet and changes signs every month, so … Continue reading

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Results of Saturn turning Direct on 25th August 2017

Saturn the most feared planet, in India, turns direct from its retrograde motion on 25th August 2017 in sign Scorpio (Vrishchika) at 27 degrees.   Retrogression of a planet means, its daily motion in comparison to Earth, has slowed down. … Continue reading

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