Results of Solar Eclipse of 1st Sept 2016

Results of Solar Eclipse of 1st Sept 2016

Solar Eclipse comes on 1st September 2016. Know what could be in store for you in your life from this Solar eclipse to the next.

2016 mein 1st septemberko surya grahan hai. Janiye aapke jeevan mein ye surya grahan, agle surya grahan tak kya fal dega.

These results are based on your sign. Your personal horoscope and the aspects that the planets in that horoscope will determine whether to increase or decrease the severity of the predictions.

Ye fal rashi aadharit hai. Aapki vyaktigat kundli ke anya grahon ka is Surya Grahan se jo sambhandh banega vo tay karega is fal ko badhaake dena ya ghataake dena.



You may come across sorrow or unhappines through your kids. You could face problems and delays in matters related to children and love life.

Bacchho se dukh aut narajgi utpan hona, santaan prapti aur pyaar ke maamlo mein pareshani aur dikkat ho sakti hai



War like situation in domestic life, problems due to or through mother. Decrease in happiness and peace could be experienced.

Gharelu jeevan mein Ashanti, maa se pareshaaniyan ho sakti hai, such aur shanti mein katauti mehsoos ho sakti hai



Conveyance and travelling may be painful and unsuccessful. Your younger siblings could pain you.

Yataayaat aur pravas dukhmay aur asafal ho sakte hai. Chhote bhai bahen aapko haani dukh pahuncha sakte hain.



You may experience fiscal loss or loss in business/profession. There are scopes of reduced sources of income.

Aaarthik nuksaani or vyasaay mein ghaataa hone ki sambhaavna hai. Aay ke saadhan kam hone ki gunjaish hai.



You could face physical problems. There could be accidents, bone fractures. Take care while strolling or driving vehicles.

Shaaririk musibate aane ki sambhaavna hai. Accident ho sakta hai, bone fracture bhi ho jaye. Chalne, ghumne firne mein saavdhaani barte.



There are possibilities of Hospitalization, jail or being bound in one place. You could be a victim of theft and dacoity.

Aspataal, jail aur bandhan yog bante hain. Chori dakaiti ka shikaar bhi ban sakte hai. Saavdhaani barte aur apne karmon ki samhaalein.



You could have issues with or from relatives, society and friends. You could be humiliated in your society, stay aware and clear.

Sambandhiyo aur yaar dosto ki baabato mein taqlifen aa sakti hain. Samaaj mein naak kat sakti hai, samhaal kar rahiye.



You could face hardships in your field of work and profession, troubles in these areas may tail you. You may have to suffer a lot of pain.

Karma, vyavasaay kshetra mein kathinaaiyaan aur pareshani aapke peecchhe pad sakti hai. Bahut taklif saheni padegi.



You may come across problems in matters related to or through religion and law, whose solution would also be against you.

Dharmik aur kaanooni rassto se aapko pareshaaniyaa aa sakti hai jiska niraakaran bhi aapke khilaaf hone ki sambhaavnaa hai



You could have to dip into your savings, you may also create new debts. Your financial liabilities and responsibilities may increase.

Bachat mein se kharch karna pad sakta hai, naya karj utpan ho sakta hai, aarthik jawaabdaariyaan badh sakti hai.



Married life may be painful; or sorrowful, Your life partner may be most of the time unhappy with you.

Daampatya jivan dukhmay aur dard bharaa ho sakta hai. Jeevan saathi naraj jyaadaatar rahe sakta/sakti hai.



Take care in matters related to job, you may have to face a lot of music. Take care of your health. You may have to visit hospitals.

Nokri ke maamlo mein sambhaaliye, bahut saari kathinaaiyaan aa sakti hai. Sehat sambhaale rakhna. Hospital jaane ke yog ban sakte hai.

NOTE:As Saturn aspects the eclipse, negative results are highlighted.

NONDH:Shani ki drishti is grahan pe hone se, nakaaraatmak fal diye gaye hain



Rikhav Khimasia

(BBA-Marketing Management & International Trade)

Astro&Vastu consultant – Personal-Financial-Corporate


About rikhavkhimasia

Rikhav Khimasia started practicing as a Professional Consultant Astrologer and Alternative Healer, from early 2000 AD at the age of 28. It was May 2003 when he was approached by people representing one of India’s foremost Parsi Astrologer’s website and was taken on board as a Team Member in the position of a Senior Web Astrologer. In his tenure on this website he has had the fortune of reading, interpreting and replying to more than 30,000 horoscopes, till he resigned in June 2009. Rikhav Khimasia, has a detailed experience in dealing with issues like, child birth, marriage, love, business and career choices, education choices, Mahurats of all kinds for all kinds of purposes, fortunate days and many more. An astrologer Par Excellence, Rikhav Khimasia had predicted on many things like Chandrayaan Mission and its untimely demise, the Large Hadron Collider and its need to take a break soon after its start, on Man Mohan Singh becoming the PM again in the 15th Lok Sabha, on Nano moving to Gujarat, on many other Indian and Western celebrities, on TV shows like Dus Ka Dum and on new entertainment channels like Colors and its TRP growth, and many more; all in form of articles on the net, which may still be found. Rikhav Khimasia is a Management Graduate, and has learnt Vaastu, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Pyramid Vaastu, Transcendental Meditation, Auto Suggestion, Self Hypnotism, Past Life Regression, Alpha Beta Theta level Meditation too. He is versatile with use of various techniques and does not stick to a single technique or school of astrology as he believes in the Motto “Solve Client’s Problem Any How”. He is not at all loyal to a single technique or school of astrology, he is only loyal to his client. The other advantage being, that he can bring in and attach age old astrology rules and significations to the current modern times and not be bogged down by the lineage and ancestry. He is secular by nature and believes GOD is one.
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