Will Kashmir be wiped out of the Indian Map, in 2009? (Originally published on 4th October 2009)

Introduction: All are aware that the Kashmir issue is scaling newer heights of tension and unrest as well as of importance in regional and international politics. since a long time and hast reached it seems, the peak. There have been seemingly endless discussions  on every conceivable platform and medium as to whether Kashmir will go to Pakistan or stay with India or become a separate nation.  And yet,  it has not been  possible to answer any of the three question in the affirmative. In the light of this, Ganesha looks at the state of affairs in the ‘Paradise on Earth’ and tries to answer the question whether Kashmir will be out of India’s map in 2009 and/or whether there is  something else in the bottomless abyss of destiny.


 Astro Analysis

Indian Independence Chart


DOB 15th August 1947

TOB 00.00.00

POB Delhi





Observe that since the Indian Independence, when ever Uranus, Neptune, Pluto have had a Vedha as per the Sarvatobhadra Chakra on the Nakshatras (Asterisms) Shattara (Shatbhisa), Purvabhadrapad and Uttarabhadrapad, there has invariably been  a heightened activity regarding the Kashmir issue, be it through   Pakistan or internally from the denizens of Kashmir.


In the Vedha system that Ganesha follows, consider Vedha to all Varna, Swar, Tithi, Naskhatra, Rashi that come in the path, be it straight or diagonal (Left and Right).


Throughout the year Uranus, a malefic planet of strange events and separation, passes through Purvabhadrapad Nakshatra. This Nakshatra along with Shattara and Uttarabhadrapad rules the state of Kashmir.


Neptune will be in the second pad of Dhanishtha and Pluto in the third pad of Moola (Mula). These two planets do not have Vedha on any of the Nakshatras that rule Kashmir, viz. Shattara (Shatbhisa), Purvabhadrapad and Uttarabhadrapad.



As only one Nakshatra is disturbed, and that too by position of Uranus in it, while the other two planets Neptune and Pluto do not have Vedha to these Nakshatra, the matter may not move at all, that is Kashmir will not be free, it will not go to Pakistan and will stay in the Political Map of India through out 2009.


The matters will be but moving towards Kashmir not being a part of India as Uranus has Vedha on ‘Ka’ the first letter of Kashmir. There are all possibilities that Kashmir may literally not be a part of India’s political map as and when Neptune and Pluto will disturb either of the three Nakshatras, namely Shattara (Shatbhisa), Purvabhadrapad and Uttarabhadrapad along with Uranus in  future.


In short, in 2009, Kashmir will still be a part of India.


May Peace prevail in India


Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team


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