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Mantras for various problems

MANTRA To prevent any kind of calamity or misfortune. SHARANAAGATA DEENAARTA PARITRAANA PARAAYANE SARVASYARTI HAREDEVI NAARAAYANI NAMOSTUTE To eliminate distress; to prevent catastrophe and for auspiciousness. KAROTU SAA NAH SHUBHA HETU REESHVARI SHUBHAANI BHADRANYA ABHIHANTU CHAAPADAH To eliminate all kinds … Continue reading

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Practical Remedies to propitiate planets

  One can also give away (as charity) the food and other materials ruled by different planets to propitiate them. One can also help the type of organization ruled by a planet.   Planet Where to help? Charity Sun   … Continue reading

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Remedy for Childless couples to have children

Not having kids/child is an issue which is full of sorrow for the couple, especially for the lady. Here is a remedy, Santaan Gopal Mantra to be recited by both, once in the morning after bath. Santaan Gopal Mantra Wishing … Continue reading

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