Will wind power Suzlon be able to stall obscurity? (Originally published on 6th August 2008)


Suzlon, a wind power company in India is the largest wind turbine manufacturer in Asia. Due to the defective blades installed by the company for one of its US based clients and also because one of its orders got cancelled the company has been at the receiving end of negative publicity since the last six months.

Ganesha looks at the Noon Chart of the date of Registration of Suzlon to foresee when its negative publicity run will end.

Birth Chart Details

Date of Registration – April 10, 1995.

Place – Ahmedabad

Time – Unknown

Will wind power Suzlon be able to stall obscurity_


Jupiter is the Badhak planet in the above chart and the transiting Guru is Swagruhi in the seventh house, its own house. Thus, as Guru becomes Swagruhi and a strong Badhak in its transit, the company is facing a lot of criticism and negative publicity. Notice that the seventh house is also considered for fame and public image.Thus Guru as a malefic for this chart becoming powerful and that too in the seventh house of publicity has been responsible for the company getting negative publicity.

Will the negative publicity turn out to be positive?

Ganesha observes that the moment transiting Guru becomes direct on the 9th September 2008 it will start getting a lesser flow of negative publicity and with the entry of Guru in Makar in December 2008 it will start getting good publicity and will rather gain a lot of lost ground as regards its image and will come out as a winner.With the conjunction of transiting Guru with natal Neptune in the month of December 2008, Ganesha feels that the company may have a windfall and increased income from other sources.


In conclusion, Ganesha feels that the company will see good tidings in December 2008 and January 2009.

Wishing Suzlon good luck and fame

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

05 Aug 2008


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