Will Sri Lanka be able to control the internal separatist movement? (Originally published on 6th January 2009)

Will Sri Lanka be able to control the internal separatist movement?


With the current aggression that Sri Lanka has developed against the violent separatist group, especially since February 2008 and the present commanding situation it is in, Ganesha looks at the why factor and attempts to predict the when factor.

Birth Details of Sri Lanka

DOB – 4th February 1948

TOB – 00:00:00 (MidNight)

POB – Colombo


Astro Analysis      

Midpoint of Natal Ketu and Asc is at 21d 46s.

Secondary progressed Ketu is in one degree applying orb to the Ketu Asc MidPoint, on the 60th Year as on 4th February 2008.

As per Solar Arc, the midpoint of Ketu – Sukra axis gets activated between age 60 and 61, that is between 4th February 2008 and 4th February 2009, in the eighth month from February 2009, which is October 2008.

The Pluto Neptune axis is of 59 degrees which is now over.

The Saturn – Jupiter axis gets activated in the first and second months of the 61st Year as per Solar Arc, which is February and March of 2009.

The Why Factor

Apparently obvious, is the fact that Ketu a separative planet is in applying conjunction with the ascendant degrees, indicating separative forces at work to demand a part and parcel or portion of the nation.

Supporting the above point is another one, Saturn the lord of the fourth house of peace and home as well as unity in the family is square to Ketu, with one degree orb, which again means that unity, the home front and peace are at stake.

Jupiter as the lord of the third house and the sixth house is evil, as per lordship and it aspects natal Saturn with a 2 degree orb. Malefic planet aspecting the lord of the fourth house of peace, disturbs the nation’s peace.

Jupiter Uranus opposition with one degrees orb, disturbs public amity due to separative nature of Uranus, who is more powerful as it is retrograde, to disturb the amity and unity.

Venus, the ascendant lord, signifying the nation as a whole, its unity, its strength, law and order, the populace et al, is inconjunct to natal Shani, the lord of the fourth house of peace and that too with one degree orb. Inconjunct being a hard aspect of dilemma and friction, creates friction within the nation’s people and disturbs peace.

Notice how Venus is disturbed by its square aspects with Jupiter and Uranus too.

Notice the number of hard aspects in the chart, and all hard aspects are within three degrees of orb, indicating a nation with a destiny of strife, almost from birth.



Again going back to all the above astro analysis facts, it is quite evident to the reader that the age 60 and 61 are of prominence here.

The Pluto Neptune axis is of 59 degrees which is now over and so is not in operation, which is a good sign, as both these planets, especially Pluto, are the significators of terrorism.

So what will happen, well, the first thing is that by the end of the age 62, of Sri Lanka i.e. February 2010, it will have almost vanquished the power of the current separatists. The strength and power, the sources, the HR of the separatists will have been ground to dust.

So the next question is, will Sri Lanka achieve internal peace by 2010 and the long age problem of the separatist movement come to an end by 2010? No, is the prompt and abrupt response for Ganesha.

The reason?

Well Ketu still needs 16 more years to cross the mid point of Ketu – Asc axis, till then it will still be troubled, though not of high magnitudes and peace talks will be the procedure getting more momentum till then.

Progressed Saturn becomes direct on 17th April 1948, corresponding to the age 72, which is 4th February 2020, till then peace will be elusive as it will exactly square to progressed Ketu too.

Then the obvious question is, from when onwards will Sri Lanka attain Nirvana? To this Ganesha would say that the process of peace will begin before 2010 and will be in procedure till 2018, when Jupiter gets retrograde in its progression. The period between 2018 to 2020 will be marked with great policies and compromises for total internal peace and from 2020, when the square of progressed Saturn and Ketu will become separating and progressed Saturn becomes direct, Peace shall prevail in Pakistan.

Wishing Sri Lanka all the best in its peace efforts

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team




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