Tips on how to get free astrology predictions or free horoscopes in the internet age. (Originally published 10th October 2008)

Tips on how to get free astrology predictions or free horoscopes in the internet age.

Everyone in the world at one time or the other in his/her life has been interested in knowing their own destiny or future. To know the future, earlier, people used to ask an astrologer, tarot reader, palmist, some or the other psychic, fortune teller or, as nowadays they call, a soothsayer.

The internet though has now reduced this dependency on professional practicing astrologers and has paved the way for free astrology (quality or otherwise).

Keep in mind that the internet and google’s monopoly on the web results as well as the new commercial rules and internet economics or marketing techniques developed out of (Search Engine optimization) leads astrology websites to give a lot of free content (with the intention to pull you, the surfer or searcher) to their website with expectations that the free content will work as a crowd puller and then you will buy something from the site or click on some banner ad (more clicks on the ad means more revenue for the astrology website).

Well following are the tips.

  1. Search on the web for your sun sign/moon sign/ascendant sign (you will need your exact birth date, time and place)
  2. You can find your ascendant sign on websites which provide online free birth horoscopes, some are also so much service oriented, they will even mail you your birth horoscope.
  3. Sign up with astrology portals and they will keep sending you free newsletters regularly with your free daily horoscope, free weekly horoscope, free monthly horoscope, free annual horoscope and other kinds of free predictions and/or links to free predictions on their websites.
  4. Now that you have a collections of say 10-15 or more or less predictions (depending on the amount of sites you have chosen) on a particular topic say for example New Year predictions for 2012, from various websites, read the predictions and mark separately what ever is common amongst the different websites’ reports, that’s what is going to happen to you mostly, and discard or delete the rest.
  5. Suggested search terms for getting free predictions and websites for free predictions are as follows, free astrology, free horoscopes, free predictions, free online chart, free online predictions, sun sign predictions, birth date astrology, free New Year horoscopes, free New Year astrology, and free 2012 horoscope.
  6. You can even add and play with the words tarot, numerology, ascendant, ascendant sign, moon,  moon sign in the above search terms to get really varied and different sites offering a whole lot of free reports based on these very different systems of astrology.
  7. My personal advice, though, is to rely and search on predictions based on ascendant signs, which are more near to truth, accuracy and probability. After Ascendant based astrology, you can rely on moon sign based astrology and lastly on Sun sign based astrology, that too Vedic Sun signs not western sun signs.

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Rikhav Khimasia


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Rikhav Khimasia started practicing as a Professional Consultant Astrologer and Alternative Healer, from early 2000 AD at the age of 28. It was May 2003 when he was approached by people representing one of India’s foremost Parsi Astrologer’s website and was taken on board as a Team Member in the position of a Senior Web Astrologer. In his tenure on this website he has had the fortune of reading, interpreting and replying to more than 30,000 horoscopes, till he resigned in June 2009. Rikhav Khimasia, has a detailed experience in dealing with issues like, child birth, marriage, love, business and career choices, education choices, Mahurats of all kinds for all kinds of purposes, fortunate days and many more. An astrologer Par Excellence, Rikhav Khimasia had predicted on many things like Chandrayaan Mission and its untimely demise, the Large Hadron Collider and its need to take a break soon after its start, on Man Mohan Singh becoming the PM again in the 15th Lok Sabha, on Nano moving to Gujarat, on many other Indian and Western celebrities, on TV shows like Dus Ka Dum and on new entertainment channels like Colors and its TRP growth, and many more; all in form of articles on the net, which may still be found. Rikhav Khimasia is a Management Graduate, and has learnt Vaastu, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Pyramid Vaastu, Transcendental Meditation, Auto Suggestion, Self Hypnotism, Past Life Regression, Alpha Beta Theta level Meditation too. He is versatile with use of various techniques and does not stick to a single technique or school of astrology as he believes in the Motto “Solve Client’s Problem Any How”. He is not at all loyal to a single technique or school of astrology, he is only loyal to his client. The other advantage being, that he can bring in and attach age old astrology rules and significations to the current modern times and not be bogged down by the lineage and ancestry. He is secular by nature and believes GOD is one.
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