The Unforgettable Tour, how will it go? (Originally published 18th July 2008)

The Unforgettable Tour, how will it go?

Abhishek Bacchan’s brain child, The Unforgettable Tour, involving the Bacchan clan, the first family of Bollywood, and about 150 artists, right from Preity Zinta, Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shetty, Vishal Sekhar, Ritieish Deshmukh and choreographer Shiamak Davar.

The tour starts from 18th July 2008 at 1930 hours in Toronto Canada with its first show at the Roger Center.

Ganesha has a look into the natal chart of this tour, to see how it will go and fare.

Birth Details of the Tour

Launch on the tour at Toronto

DOB – 18th July 2008

TOB – 1930 hours

POB – Toronto, Canada


The Astro Analysis

The ascendant is in Dhanus (Sagittarius), the archer. This sign symbolizes many things of which one is achieveing success, getting what it wants, this is possible as its lord Guru (Jupiter) is placed in the ascendant itself, and is retrograde, moving inwards towards the ascending point.

The seventh house, is associated with public, name and fame and associates as well as participants. Budha the lord of the third house of the above chart is Swagruhi in the seventh house and is in opposition to Guru, the ascendant lord. This means that the show will have good success and name as well as fame. It will be a good crowd puller. There’s something else to this too, which we will see later in the Next What, para.

Notice how Saturn, the lord of the second house of wealth and the lord of the third house of efforts is in the ninth house, exactly in trine with the degrees of the ascendant, indicating easy money, and less hard work and efforts. On the other hand, the placement of Saturn an airy planet in a firey house and sign, (the ninth house of luck) in this case, in conjcuntion with Mars, another firey planet owning the fifth house of talent, entertainment and performance, who is in trine with the ascendant degrees and the ascendant lord, makes it more plausible that the organizers of the show as well as the participants will easily achieve success with the least effort to appease and entertain the audience. This also implores that the show will be a success monetarily too.

The décor seems to be tastefully done as well as elegantly, cause Sukra the significator of decoration and beauty is in a feminine sign Cancer, under the aspect of Moon, the dispositor of Sukra. The choice of colours and theme seems to be earthy and watery in nature with more use of browns and its various shades as well as pastels. The stage will be but large, definitely, as in line with the grandeur of the Bacchans, but there will be many apparatus on the stage to help free movement, a lot of curtains may be used too.

What Next

Mercury in the seventh house of any event chart usually indicates that there is something else, some child, some addition brewing within. Ganesha feels that by the end of the tour, may be a couple of lead participants will have declared that they expect a child. Also during the tour or immediately after it is over, another sequel to this tour will be organized.


Summarily, Ganesha feels that The Unforgettable Tour will definitely be Unforgettable, in the sense of positivity, joy, success, fiscal profits.

Wishing the Bacchans a grand success

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team


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