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After taking the Cricketing world and then the glamorous world of ads by storm, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is now all set to make his Bollywood debut. Sachin will play a cameo role in Marathi film, Vignaharta, based on Mumbai’s famous Siddhivinayak temple. The movie will be directed by Yashwanth Ingavale who has assisted Madhur Bhandarkar.

Ganesha predicts whether his performance on the silver screen will be as rocking as on the cricket pitch.

Birth Details

Date Of Birth:­ April 24, 1973

Time:­ 16:20

Place:­ Mumbai


Astrological Analysis

Observe that Sachin gets this opportunity just a couple of weeks after he has entered the Sukra Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha on 26th June 2008.

Sukra definitely rules the world of glamour and entertainment. Rahu rules the characteristics of Maayaa and Chaayaa world over. The combination of these two as per Sachin’s Vimshottari Mahadasha system brought him this opportunity.

As per earlier article (Has Sachin lost the tag of Master Seller?), Luck again comes up as its Sukra Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha, in the form of acting in films.

But then again, following the crux of the earlier article, the glamour world may not be a harbinger of success for him, at least not financially. Though its also a fact that he has nt charged a single rupee for his performance in his first movie.

Will he perform well?

Shani is the lord of his fifth house of acting and performance. Natal Shani is trine to its own house indicating acting comes naturally to him. Natal Shani is sextile to natal Budha. Budha is the significator of acting too, as it involves imitation as well as imaginations, intellect and speech, communication too is a part of acting and it comes under Budha. The sextile aspect of Budha and Shani in his natal chart is good for his acting talents. But Ganesha notes that as Budha is debilitated in the natal chart, he may not be able to adapt to acting easily. There is but a way out, he will have his own style, which if the public is open to, may bring him accolades.

Transiting Shani aspects natal Shani, till September 2009, making him a sure shot success in his debut film, if it gets over by then, for release.


In short, Ganesha finds him to be a good performer in front of the camera too, but with his own Master Style.

Wishing Sachin a wonderful acting career and success.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team


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