Nano impact in a big way on Gujarat (originally published on 18th October 2008)

Nano impact in a big way on Gujarat

Introduction: After our twin articles having already been posted on our website on the prospects of Nano arriving in Gujarat – even before the stance taken by Ratan Tata to move the production facility out from Singur – and Gujarat pitching for Nano along with other strong contenders vying for the same on September 26, 2008 and October 6, 2008 respectively, Ganesha now studies the impact of the arrival of Nano on the Karmabhoomi of Gujarat and her Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Chart of Nano During the Unveiling at Pragati Maidan

DOB – January 10, 2008

TOB – 10:00 AM POB – New­Delhi

Chart of Narendra Modi

DOB – September 17, 1950

TOB – 10:00 AM POB – Mehsana

Chart of Gujarat

DOB – May 1, 1960

TOB – 00:00:00

POB – Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Astro Analysis

It is observed that the Ascendant Lord of Nano, Shani is in Simha in all three respective horoscopes. The decision on Nano setting up its manufacturing hub in the state of Gujarat happened

was taken when the transiting Shani was in ‘trine’ to Natal Shani in Gujarat’s chart. This Natal Shani is again placed in the Ascendant of Gujarat and was transiting on Natal Shani in Modi’s Chart.

As the article is about Nano’s influence on Modi and Gujarat, we shall not deviate from any angle and try to stay on this very line. Notice that Nano’s Saturn is in deep conjunction with Modi’s natal Sukra, the Lord of his Ascendant, and both these fall in Modi’s Eleventh House of ‘laabh’ (gains). As Sukra is involved, Nano’s arrival will enable Modi gain more publicity and strike a wonderful rapport with the industry. Moreover, as the Eleventh House too is involved, his reputation as an exemplary Chief Minister with a vision to fortify the manufacturing sector in Gujarat will experience a multiplier effect. He may be able to bring in more number of large scale manufacturing facilities and related sectors to Gujarat.

The Shani in Nano’s chart falls in Gujarat’s ‘bhagya’ meaning luck. Ninth House of bhagya is in trine to Gujarat’s ascendant. Moreover, the Ascendant lord Shani is in trine with Gujarat’s Ninth House lord Sun. Even more fascinating is the combination of fiery and airy planets of Jupiter, Sun, and Shani in Fire Triplicity, which are in essence the vital points of Gujarat’s horoscope. Therefore, it can be inferred that Gujarat will undergo a phase of considerably positive developments due to the arrival of Nano. Even one may expect more such large scale private investments in the coming days. As such Gujarat is destined for industrial developments of these kinds, as Shani, the significator of industry is in conjunction with Guru in Gujarat’s ascendant itself.

Notice how Gujarat has had large petrochemical refineries, the engineering industry in Rajkot, the brass parts industry in Jamnagar, mining and wind power projects in Kutch and stone quarries in Northern Gujarat. All these are industries signified by Shani and Nano has Shani as its Ascendant. It is thus natural that Nano itself shall progress in Gujarat and find a home here. This shall also open the gates for more industrial growth in Gujarat.

The car, no doubt, as a product is signified by Sukra, which again is in the Triplicity in Gujarat’s horoscope. Industries signified by Sukra (Venus) like the textile and diamond sectors, the car industry will also be centered in Gujarat lead by Nano. The initiatives, however, will be taken by Modi who has Sukra as his Ascendant Lord.

As per the Cusp Chart, Nano’s Ascendant falls in Gujarat’s Second House of wealth, prompting and suggesting good income for Gujarat out of Nano.

The Road Ahead

Nano’s Saturn is currently applying a conjunction aspect to Gujarat’s Rahu, indicating that there may still be some roadblocks while settlings the issues down till September 2009. But as Nano, Modi and Gujarat have a Sextile and Trine Ascendant relationship, the bottlenecks will be removed without much hassle. After September 2009, there is no stopping Nano’s firm establishment in Gujarat and nobody shall be able to stop Modi’s trajectory and reputation as a dynamic politician. In fact, Modi’s strike record as a politician favouring the manufacturing sector will witness tremendous growth.

To Sum Up

Ganesha opines that even though it is foreseen that Nano will have umpteen number of benefits for Gujarat, the ripple effect will not fill the pitcher of Modi. Simply put, Modi may not be benefiting much on a Nano scale. It is also visualized that the advent of Nano will usher in a second phase of industrial revolution of its kind in Gujarat.

Wishing Nano, Modi, Gujarat and India a marvelous future ahead.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

18 Oct 2008


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