Jiah Khan – FOR IJ USA Many Happy Returns of the day (Published in India Journal USA )

Birth Details

DOB – 20th February 1988

TOB – Unavailable (Surya Kundali)

POB – New York (USA)


Astro Analysis

Rahu (North Node-Dragon’s Head) and Guru (Jupiter) are passing through her twelfth house, over natal Budha (Mercury). Transiting Ketu aspects the tenth house of profession, the second house of family, aspects natal Sukra (Venus) the significator of romance. Rahu and Guru are passing over Budha, the lord of the fifth house of love.


Ganesha finds that love issues, become center stage in this year for Jiah Khan. She will be torn by frustrations and fighting arising due to the influence of Rahu and Ketu, both separative planets, trying to play havoc with her heart and emotions. She may either fall in and out of love matters every other month or stay away, though Ganesha suggests better steering herself clear from any commitments and rather project her energies on her career. The need for focusing on her career is eventually essential, because, here again Ketu wishes to depart her from professional success and achievements, by distracting her and eclipsing her mind. Ketu, as per its special characteristic, will on the contrary not allow her to decipher what is good for her career or not, and will use the distractions on the romance front to do so.

There is a fear of breaking away from family and family ties, permanently, if she succumbs to the pressure cooker situation created by debilitated Guru in transit with transiting Rahu and starts feeling superior to her family and kith and kin.

Saturn passing through her seventh sends forthwith, all indications of malpublicity and restrictions on her free will and public appearances. This is possible through her communication which may not be placated, but rash and unthoughtfull.

As Shani (Saturn) attacks her name and fame, and as Ketu vilely comes forth on her career and mind, its all the more possible that she may not be able to raise accolades for herself.


In a nutshell, Ganesha feels that if she is not able to manage this year, she may loose her new found fame, very fast, like a firefly, come and go, kaphoot, in an instant.

Wishing her good luck

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team


About rikhavkhimasia

Rikhav Khimasia started practicing as a Professional Consultant Astrologer and Alternative Healer, from early 2000 AD at the age of 28. It was May 2003 when he was approached by people representing one of India’s foremost Parsi Astrologer’s website and was taken on board as a Team Member in the position of a Senior Web Astrologer. In his tenure on this website he has had the fortune of reading, interpreting and replying to more than 30,000 horoscopes, till he resigned in June 2009. Rikhav Khimasia, has a detailed experience in dealing with issues like, child birth, marriage, love, business and career choices, education choices, Mahurats of all kinds for all kinds of purposes, fortunate days and many more. An astrologer Par Excellence, Rikhav Khimasia had predicted on many things like Chandrayaan Mission and its untimely demise, the Large Hadron Collider and its need to take a break soon after its start, on Man Mohan Singh becoming the PM again in the 15th Lok Sabha, on Nano moving to Gujarat, on many other Indian and Western celebrities, on TV shows like Dus Ka Dum and on new entertainment channels like Colors and its TRP growth, and many more; all in form of articles on the net, which may still be found. Rikhav Khimasia is a Management Graduate, and has learnt Vaastu, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Pyramid Vaastu, Transcendental Meditation, Auto Suggestion, Self Hypnotism, Past Life Regression, Alpha Beta Theta level Meditation too. He is versatile with use of various techniques and does not stick to a single technique or school of astrology as he believes in the Motto “Solve Client’s Problem Any How”. He is not at all loyal to a single technique or school of astrology, he is only loyal to his client. The other advantage being, that he can bring in and attach age old astrology rules and significations to the current modern times and not be bogged down by the lineage and ancestry. He is secular by nature and believes GOD is one.
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