India Pakistan fifth round of talks on Jammu Kashmir and Security held on 21st July 2008 Will it be successful? (originally posted on 31st July 2008 itself at 1130 am IST)

The news

India’s Natal Chart

DOB – 15th August 1947

TOB – 00.00.00

POB – Delhi


Pakistan’s Natal Chart

DOB – 14th August 1947

TOB – 09.30.00 AM

Time Zone – +05.30

POB – Karachi


Planetary Positions for 21st July 2008 (Today)

Sun                  – Cancer 04

Moon               – Aquarius 05

Mars                – Leo 17

Mercury           – Gemini 24

Jupiter             – Sagittarius 22 (R)

Venus              – Cancer 16

Saturn              – Leo 12

Rahu                – Capricorn 25

Ketu                – Cancer 25

Astro Analysis

Notice that transiting Moon in India’s chart is in the tenth house of power authority and negotiating power. Moon in this place indicates that India is in a weak negotiating position, which logically too seems to be possible what with the current political scenario with the government on shaky grounds.

Also notice that Moon today is inconjunct to its own house, the third house of peace talks and communication in general, as well as the third house of neighbouring countries. This means that our side will still talk and communicate with a tough stand and will not be that weak to bend down and accept things from Pakistan, without a valid and strong debate and argument. This position of Moon also means that our neighbouring countries will have to face a strong stance from our side. But then this hard aspect of Moon also leads Ganesha to think that it may not be supportive to India’s cause too and India may not benefit from this stance.

Notice that Moon is in the sixth house in Pakistan’s chart. The sixth house stands for litigations and relations with neighbours. Ganesha feels that this is the main aim of Pakistan, for this meeting today. It seems to be logically correct too, what with India suspecting Pakistan’s hand in the recent Indian Embassy bombing in Kabul. Notice that Mars as the lord of the third house of communications in its transit is in conjcuntion with transiting Mars and both of them form a hard aspect with transiting Moon, while Moon itself is inconjunct with natal Shani, this translates into a possibility that Pakistan’s stance and language today may be tough and hard too, or the impression caused on India would be of such a nature, the other result is that relations may still not smoothen up at least regarding the clarifications that Pakistan may put up regarding the Kabul bombings.

What Next?

Ganesha feels that after the imminent political changes in India and after the coming Solar and Lunar eclipses these peace talks will again resume with a full force. Trade issues will nevertheless be settled in the next meeting as Moon is in trine with natal Mars the lord of the third house of trade as per Pakistan’s chart and is in the tenth house of India’s chart, the tenth house of major business.


Summarily Ganesha feels that today’s meet though may not benefit India in a greater sense, it seems to help the ruling powers in some way or the other as Moon is passing through the tenth house of power and government in India’s chart. Pakistan may also not benefit much but as it is in trine with natal Jupiter the lord of the fourth house of domestic public, Pakistan seems to gain some mileage with regards to its public.

Wishing India and Pakistan lots of peace

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team


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