France – A study on its viability as an investment destination (first published on the internet on 3rd December 2008)

The Birth Details

 DOB – 6th October 1958

TOB – 1830

POB – Paris


The Prerequisites

Lets list out what one needs to analyse and think on before deciding on where to invest. The list could be as follows but its not exhaustive.

The Infrastructure of the country – the third house

The natural resources of the country – the fourth house

The peace and general as well as political stability – the fourth house

The labour – the sixth house

The foreign affairs – seventh house

The bureaucracy – eighth house

The Moon signifies fourth and seventh houses

Mars signifies the third house

Venus signifies the seventh house

Saturn signifies the eighth house

Astro Analysis

Ganesha now conducts an astro analysis of the houses listed above, their lords and their significators to determine how investment friendly France is.

The third house cusp is owned by Venus. Venus is debilitated and Mercury is exalted this forms a Raj Yoga called NeechaBhanga Raj Yoga. Saturn the significator of infrastructure exactly aspects the degrees of the third house, which is thus good. Jupiter a planet of expansion aspects the third house while Rahu too has its eye on the third house. Ganesha thus finds that astrologically infrastructure seems to be wonderful in France, but with only one malefic aspect, that of Rahu, there may be some faults in the same or at times there may be repairs required.

The fourth house is ruled by Gemini and its lord Mercury, who is exalted. Jupiter the significator of expansions and largesse as well as quality aspects the fourth house, but as Mercury is deeply combust and is on its path to conjunction with Rahu, there seems to be a natal promise of limited natural resources and hindrances in utilizing the same. This also means that there may be some issues with peace and political stability, but not of much severe concern. Though as Moon the significator of the fourth house is very strong as per Shadbala and is placed in the fourth house itself, at least peace and political stability the main significations of Moon shall prevail, at least internal peace.

Sun the lord of the sixth house of labour is in a succeedent house. Mars and Saturn aspect the sixth house. Mars has a stronger aspect to the sixth house by degrees that Saturn. This translates into possibilities of an aggressive work force, highly productive workforce and also labour unrest, but this can be allowed when it is productive and aggressive. The work force will be predominantly young.

The seventh house has a stellium. The lord of the seventh house is Mercury who is exalted, but combust. This means that the foreign policy of the nation will be influenced by many planets and will be generally flexible. In fact France will be predominantly associated with foreign policies most of the time. The danger here is that France can change its foreign policies as per its need and may not be steady with the same, which may at times hamper trade and industry’s interests. Venus the significator of the seventh house is debilitated, and Moon is powerful but square to the seventh house and Mercury. In this light the foreign policy angle is a bit tangled.

The eighth house of red tapism and bureaucracy has Jupiter who is a planet for just and judicious approach. Venus the lord of the eighth house is weak as it is debilitated and also has no powers to control red tapism as it is twelfth from its own house. It is a strong indication that bureaucracy will be just and fair and may not be much into red tapism, which is favourable for foreign investors.

The decision

It finally seems that France seems to be more than fairly investor friendly more with regards to work force and foreign policy. Industries which need good infrastructure and are not much influenced with the need for foreign policy of France, can fare well. Industries predominantly focused with natural resources may be at some risk. Otherwise the nation is quite conducive for continuous progress of its investors.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team


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