Will Exide’s Expansion be Profitable? (article first published on 25th July 2008)

 Will Exide’s Expansion be Profitable?


Exide Industries is a dominant player in the domestic storage battery market and holds a strong position in the industrial and automotive battery segments.

Exide Industries Ltd. will invest Rs. 180 crore towards expansion of both automotive and industrial batteries in this fiscal year according to  reports.

Ganesha  looks into why it has planned this expansion and the possible benefits arising from it.

Sun Chart of Exide Industries  Ltd.

Date Of Birth –January  31,1947

Place– Calcutta

Time– Unknown


Astro Analysis      

Saturn is the Lord of the Sun Chart ascendant and the Lord of the second house of finances. Transiting Saturn aspects the second house of finance, its own house. Indicating firstly, that this is a self financed expansion and the company would not incur debts for this expansion. The expansion has been planned as Saturn is in the eighth house opposite to the second house, its own house, the company is flush with funds. The second reason is that transiting Saturn aspects the tenth house of business and core business. Not only that, the sign in the tenth house is Thula, the exaltation sign of Saturn. This leads the company’s top brass to think on core business growth, with a disciplinary style, all created by Shani. High ambitions and higher growth needs of the company get flicked on with the aspect of Saturn to the tenth house and the second house.

Further, Jupiter the significator of expansion is currently passing over natal Venus, the Lord of Exide’s tenth house of business. The same Jupiter also aspects transiting Saturn. This invoked the company to go ahead with its expansion plans.


Will this expansion yield anything to the company?


Ganesha observes that till September 2009, six months after the 2009 Financial Year ends, Shani will still be in the eighth house, aspecting the tenth house and the second house. This means that within a short time of the investments and the plants, if  it starts functioning immediately and before September 2009, the company will surely have good profits and turnover.

Additionally, note that transiting Jupiter from December 2008 will aspect natal Saturn right through out 2009. This concurrently translates into gains and expansions.

How will these gains come up? Ganesha notices that as Jupiter the Lord of the twelfth house of foreign and international issues is involved, the expansion plans will yield gains from exports and international trade. There could be tie ups for sales and marketing of the company’s products abroad.


Finally, Ganesha foresees that the current expansion plans  will definitely yield results and that too within  a short time.

Wishing Exide all the good luck.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

Description: Being the prime industry in manufacturing Lead-Acid battery, the company is trying to expand in this fiscal year with an investment of Rs. 180 crores in both automotive and industrial batteries. The company is expected to witness a strong revenue growth due to its expansion plans.

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