Crude Oil prices will continue to rise (published on 30th June 2008)

Crude has reached all time high of USD 140/­ per barrel and the President of the Russian Oil Company OAO Gazprom, Mr. Alexai Miller says that the increase in crude oil prices has just begun and that if any one is under the impression that the bull­run of crude oil will now end are under a very wrong notion. His statements indicate that in the medium term, Crude may reach USD 250/­ per barrel. Ganesha would thus like to measure the possibilities of the same.

Some astrological Fundamentals Shani stands for Crude Oil.

Any hard aspect like opposition, inconjunct, square to the significator of any commodity results in comparatively low supply and hence the price increase. If there is no lower supply in real terms, then one would be under the fear of a possible decline in supply now and in the future and thus there could be an artificial inflation of the prices.

Any trine aspect is usually considered bearish for the price of any commodity.

The Astrological Analysis and Observation

If you observe the Nirayan Vedic planetary positions, Transiting Shani is in opposition to Transiting Uranus, though with huge orb of about 18 degrees but the orb is reducing. Also note that the transiting Neptune is inconjunct to transiting Shani. Transiting Pluto is trine to transiting Shani and so is transiting Jupiter.

For the medium term, Ganesha’s observations now are as follows Shani – Uranus (Opposition) Very bullish.

Shani – Neptune (Inconjunct) Bullish

Shani – Pluto (Trine) bearish Shani – Jupiter (Trine) bearish

Summarily, there are all scopes of crude oil being stronger. Readers are but advised not to consider the above prediction and reading as a one way upward trend. The transits of minor planets may have correcting influences. Short term trades are not suggested.

The above medium term trend will prevail till Jupiter changes signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn in December 2008.

Ganesha still wishes that this does not happen, as on a macro scale, world economies will get into serious troubles and difficulties and on a micro level major part of the population of the world may have to face serious difficulties, many industries and economies may crash.

Ganesha’s Grace Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

This article was first published on the WWW ON, 30 Jun 2008


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