Copper in 2009

(Originally published on 6th October 2008)


Copper, the most important base metal is a commodity traded in large volumes all over the world. It had seen great heights in 2007 and early 2008, in the global physical markets as well as futures trading. Ganesha looks at how Copper prices will oscillate throughout 2009.

Astro Facts

Copper is a metal of red colour and used basically for electrical consumption. This matches well with Mars, the significator of metal, red colour and electricity. Ganesha has thus take into account the aspects of Mars to all planets excluding Moon in the reading and prediction below. The intensity of the market trend or the periods may vary depending on the aspects Moon makes with Mars and other planets which also aspect Mars.

A word of caution, trading decisions solely based on the suggestions and indications below in the table, should not be made. One needs to take all calculative statistical analysis too and use the suggestions and indications below as a tool in the decision making process. Ganesha does not guarantee profits solely out of the following predictions.


Ganesha has marked the legends as follows for the dates provided below. The colour and the thickness of the fonts as shown below indicate the tendency of the market.

Mildly Bullish

Heavy Bullish

Heavy Bearish

Mildly Bearish

Volatile and erratic


Note 1:

Days that have overlapping Bull and Bear indications, consider them as mixed with the earlier part to be as indicated and the later part of the day as indicated.

E.G, 26th Feb to 1st March is bullish but 28th Feb to 3rd March is bearish, both have been indicated as MILD, then consider 28th Feb as bullish and 1st March as bearish.

Note 2:

Days that have overlapping similar trend increase the intensity on the overlapped days. E.g., 3rd May to 6th May are mild bullish, but 5th May to 8th May are also mild bullish, then 5th and 6th May will be strong bullish, with the other days being mild bullish, meaning 7th May and 8th May will not be bearish after the strong bullish 5th and 6th, but the rate of price increase will be slower than was on 5th and 6th.

5 Jan 2009   to  7 Jan 2009
19 Jan 2009  to  22 Jan 2009
  23 Jan 2009  to 27 jan 2009  
  10 Feb 2Copper in 2009009 to 13 Feb 2009
12 Feb 2009  to  21 Feb 2009
15 Feb 2009  to 17 Feb 2009
15 Feb 2009  to  19 Feb 2009
  15 Feb 2009  to  19 Feb 2009
COMMENTS The period from 13th Feb to 21st  Feb will be volatile with no clear picture or direction, Copper will have an erratic behaviour, still possible direction is suggested above.
26 Feb 2009  to 1Mar 2009
28 Feb 2009  to 3 Mar 2009
COMMENTS 26th & 27th Mildly bullish, 28th & 1st steady, 2nd & 3rd mildly bearish
7 Mar 2009  to 15 Mar 2009
17 Mar 2009  to 20 Mar 2009
3 Apr 2009  to 12 Apr 2009
  12 Apr 2009  to 16 Apr 2009
  20 Apr 2009  to 23 Apr 2009
25 Apr 2009  to  27 Apr 2009
28 Apr 2009  to 29 Apr 2009
3 May 2009  to  6 May 2009
5 May 2009  to  8 May 2009
COMMENTS 5th and 6th May seem to be heavily bullish
11 May 2009  to  13 May 2009
25 May 2009  to  28 May 2009
30 May 2009  to  2 Jun 2009
  1 Jun 2009  to  4 Jun 2009
2 Jun 2009  to  5 Jun 2009
COMMENTS 1st June will be very very bullish, 2nd will be bullish, 3rd & 4th mildly bullish, 5th as indicated will be mildly bearish
15 Jun 2009  to  17 Jun 2009
  16 Jun 2009  to  25 Jun 2009
  18 Jun 2009  to  24 Jun 2009
21 Jun 2009  to  24 Jun 2009
22 Jun 2009  to  25 Jun 2009
COMMENTS 16th & 17th with erratic behaviour, market will try to stay up, 18th to 24th with wild both sides ups and downs market will be very very bearish
5 Jul 2009  to  8 Jul 2009
  5 Jul 2009  to  8 Jul 2009
  5 Jul 2009  to  7 Jul 2009
COMMENTS 5th to 7th strong bull tendency, slightly bullish on 8th
9 Jul 2009  to  11 Jul 2009
COMMENTS 10th & 11th steady market or erratic behaviour in both ways finally ending with no gains or losses
10 Jul 2009  to  13 Jul 2009
20 Jul 2009  to  21 Jul 2009
1 Aug 2009  to  4 Aug 2009
  9 Aug 2009 to 12 Aug 2009
  12 Aug 2009  to  14 Aug 2009
14 Aug 2009  to  20 Aug 2009
16 Aug 2009  to  19 Aug 2009
  17 Aug 2009  to  20 Aug 2009
COMMENTS 14th, 15th & 16th very very very bearish, low side circuits may break, 17th, 18th & 19th steady market or erratic behaviour in both ways finally ending with no gains or losses, 20th slightly very slightly on the upper side.
  23 Aug  2009  to  6 Sep 2009
  25 Aug 2009  to  28 Aug 2009
31 Aug 2009  to  3 Sep 2009
8 Sep 2009  to  11 Sep 2009
20 Sep 2009  to  23 Sep 2009
29 Sep 2009  to  6 Oct 2009
3 Oct 2009  to  6 Oct 2009
  8 Oct 2009  to 11 Oct 2009
10 Oct 2009  to  15 Oct 2009
12 Oct 2009  to 15 Oct 2009
  27 Oct 2009  to  31 Oct 2009
31 Oct 2009  to 5 Nov 2009
1 Nov 2009  to  2 Nov 2009
18 Nov 2009  to 20 Nov 2009
25 Nov 2009  to  5 Dec 2009
  25 Nov 2009  to  27 Nov 2009
28 Nov 2009  to  5 Dec 2009
COMMENTS 25th, 26th & 27th bearish, then strong bull phase
7 Dec 2009  to  9 Dec 2009
  9 Dec 2009  to  12 Dec 2009
  16 Dec 2009  to  18 Dec 2009
25 Dec 2009  to  27 Dec 2009
27 Dec 2009  to 31 Dec 2009
28 Dec 2009  to  29 Dec 2009

Copper in 2009



Summarily Ganesha finds that last week of August to last week of September and the month of November seem to be good for bulls. Trading is not advised for the weak hearted during the third week of February and June, kindly stay clear of the markets in these highly volatile times and if possible clear off positions before these times.

Wishing you all happy trading and profiteering.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

This article was published on the nnet originally on 6th Oct 2008


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