Astrology Secrets hidden by most astrologers.

Astrology is quiet an intricate matter and to truly look into your horoscope and life path, nothing substitutes a face to face personal discussion with an astrologer. It can be in person or over the phone.


Asking questions through email with no facility or flexibility to discuss options, or no possibility of you being able to explore the possibilities, affirm, confirm, negate, give your personal choices may or may not be fruitful and might not get you the best possible suggestion.


Though, there are certain important transits of planets that happen in general all over the world and to us all at certain times that we can be attentive to, well ahead of time – but often many astrologers don’t want you to know about them. This certainly beats the basic intention of astrology, and which is the knowledge to be used by everyone.

Here I Rikhav Khimasia give you some Astro Secrets which can really save you a lot of trouble, in fact some even may benefit out of this.


1: Under no circumstances should you purchase or bring home and install any phone/computer/modem/printer/photocopier, or make travel arrangements, or sign a contract, or launch a website, nor publish a book, or start a magazine, open a shop or begin anything to do with communication when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury stands for communication.

You can know this on any astronomy site.


2: Every 12-13 years of your life – from age 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and onwards, you will have luck in one area of your life – usually the same one.

Its like History repeating itself.

This is your personal Jupiter return, when it comes to its same position as it was at birth.

Depending on how old you are now, you may look back into history at what had happened around these times.


3: You will feel a bit stressed, depressed, and irritated when your ascendant lord/Sun Sign lord/Moon sign lord is retrograde or combust. Its not a good time to take any major decision.


4: In days around the eclipses, visible at your place or not, better not to take any decision 5 days before and after the eclipse as Sun/Moon is in tight conjunction with Rahu and Ketu leaving these most important luminaries of life, impotent to give strength to any positive influence to the decision.

One may not get expected results when decisions are made during this period.


5: Venus retrograde is also available on astronomy sites. Whenever it is retrograde avoid anything related to marriage, romance or love, matters usually backfire on these matters when executed during Venus retrograde.


6: Never decide on, nor discuss nor initiate new things in your life when Moon is Void of Course, to know more about Moon Void of Course click of the following link.


7: If you know from your horoscope or any astrologer or any astronomy website which planet is retrograde in your natal birth chart/horoscope, especially whether it is the lord of your ascendant or fifth house or ninth house, then whenever in its transit, such a planet becomes retrograde, you can experience a heavy flow of luck and should take major decisions at that time.


As I said, the Solar system is a big and complex timepiece and the planets therein are in continuous motion, always orbiting and thus making continuous contacts in our birthcharts and various combinations with the planets in the birth charts brining us new experiences in life, giving us choices and thereby fructifying our Karma. By knowing in advance what is coming up we can use the planetary forces for more effective life management.


To know more about your planets/birthcharts you may always contact me Rikhav Khimasia on and/or 9925171291


Regards and good luck

Rikhav Khimasia

Astrology, Vaastu, Life Coaching


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How to profit from the stock markets / commodity trading / regular business and day to day life.


Investing in the stock markets?
Trading? Speculating? in the financial markets or commodity markets?
Did a lot of research? Took help from analysts? Got good tips? Used Astrological reports on specific stocks/commodities/sectors?
But still losing or not getting enough profits?
Just a regular salaried or business person with a normal regular life?
Know your LUCKY DAYS. Astrologically perfect lucky days report for you.
Do your important activities on these days and reap benefits in the short term to long term and for life.
Get your 2016 lucky days report FREE, cross check it. Whatsapp your birthdata & mail id to nine nine two five one seven one two nine one.
1. Did good things happen on that day?
2. Did financial transactions done on that day give you profit? OR keep you from losing?
3. Were you safe on that day from any significant bad event?
If you find that the past report is/was accurate, to more than 50%, then just imagine how useful your lucky days report for 2017 will be, when you will do proactively and on purpose do all important things on your lucky days. After that you get 2018 report too and start multiplying your happiness, success and wealth.
To check on my accuracy levels you are invited to read my articles on
Here’s a link
Warmest regards
Rikhav Khimasia
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The Sun & Management astrology

The Sun & Management astrology


The Sun & Management Astrology

The Sun & Management Astrology

It rules over the sign Leo (Simha). It gets exalted in Aries. Exalted means powerful (does not necessarily mean good or bad). It gets debilitated in Libra. Debilitated means weak (does not necessarily mean good or bad). The Sun’s detriment sign is Aquarius. Detriment sign means (sign where it its powers – good or bad being damaged and hurt.




Sun signifies authority, power, vitality, self expressions, monarch, king, president, prime minister, ruler, heads of the nation and supreme authority of the state.


Governments, governmental authorities, head of corporations, companies, senior officers with decision making power, minister of state, influential political leaders also come under Sun’s signification.


Judges, magistrates, other judicial authorities are also signified by Sun.


Bureaucracy, nobility, citizen of stature, leading personalities, Industrial enterprises in the country, multi millionaire and influential business leaders are controlled by Sun.


Places of entertainment, theaters, cinema, drama, gambling dens etc., Bank, bankers, banking activities, Stock exchanges, stock brokers, stock markets and other allied speculatory activities, Government stocks, gilt edged securities come under the purview of Sun.


Amongst commodities and articles, rice, honey, aromatic herbs, saffron, lavender, almond, currency, precious stones (ruby), gold.


How to use this information in Corporate/Management/Trading decisions?


If Sun is weak, everything related to it will be weak, troubled and in short supply. When things are short the prices increase and the commodity will be in bull phase.


Similarly, when Sun is strong, everything related to it will be strong, happy, more in supply. When things are in over supply, the prices decrease and the commodity will be in bear phase.


Weak or disturbed Sun, means the government is weak, the administration is weak, the heads are weak, the decision making abilities are weak and/or slow. Banking will be hindered, speculatory activities will not have ethics, the markets will be dull.


The opposite is true for a strong or clean Sun.

Rikkhav Khimasia

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Examples and effects of some Non-Vaastu compliant buildings

Examples and effects of some Non-Vaastu compliant buildings


Following are few diagrams which show a few of the possible many Non-Vaastu compliant structures one may own, use, reside, do trade, commerce or manufacturing in.


These plots or buildings may be for residence, shop, factory, godown, mall, supermarket etc.,


Kindly check and confirm what has followed in life, business, etc. after you or your relatives have started using these defective structures.

These are just, but a very few of non compliant structures, then there are nonVaastu compliant structures from the inside itself, with wrong placement of utilities and rooms within the house, office, shop, factory.


Also read by post on The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness and Sequel to The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.


Vaastu compliance is highly necessary in these days of rat race, modern times where success matters the most.


Many problems in life can be solved by Vastu compliance or rectification done by a proper expert, the results may take time to come up depending on the depth on the problem based on how long one has been living there, the vastu of the other structures one is expose to in daily life. One usually uses two vastu at least in life (house & office/shop/factory/godown). The Vastu of properties owned by one. Whether in use or not, also influences your problems.


As for example read my following article.


Real Life example of Astro-Vaastu combination.


Diagnosis of Vaastu compliance nowadays has become very easy, most people do it on their own, good, it is very good, still issues persist in life, this happens, because there are many intricate things in Vaastu readings and in rectification of the same that despite one knowing vaastu and following free remedies suggested on the net, whatsapp and books, people face troubles.


In any case, after following the free remedies if still you find issues in life and wish to consult an expert, do contact Rikhav Khimasia on 9925171291.


Rikhav Khimasia is an expert Astrologer and Vaastu practitioner with not much of fancy remedies, but very straight forward simple practical suggestions.


He is


  1. Management Graduate
  2. Ex-Businessman and factory owner
  3. Ex-employee in various organizations
  4. Astrologer par excellence (Do read his predictions on this site)
  5. Pyra Vaastu and Vaastu practitioner
  6. Reiki practitioner
  7. Life Management Coach.


Warmest regards


Mahaveer’s Grace.

Rikhav Khimasia


Astrology services available on phone @ INR 750/- for 45 minutes.

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Vastu guidelines for industrial groups to establish SEZ/Industrial Park

Vastu guidelines for industrial groups to establish SEZ/Industrial Park



The shape of the site may be rectangular or square. If the shape of the site is different, it needs to be corrected nearer to rectangular or square. The segregated land can be used to create green belt.



It is desirable to have the site with natural slope from west to east or south to north. The site may be corrected in such a way that the south-west area is of higher level. North-west area and south-east area may be equal in level. The north-east area may be on the lowest level.

The central area (Brahmasthan) may be flat in level. It should not be lower or higher in level. Further the central area should not have water or heat.


3.Magnetic Alignment

Site with perfect magnetic alignment will ensure prosperity and growth. There is no need to worry if the deviation is within ten degree. In many sites, the magnetic variation is about 45°. In such a site the compass needle will share a corner as north instead of a side. The defect in magnetic alignment may be compensated by proper placements according to true north.



East facing site will be very good and may be easier to make the building plan as per vastusastra.


North facing site also may be equally good. South facing and west facing sites may be made good by initiating proper building plan or rectification with No/Least physical changes.


Interior roads may be planned carefully. It is desirable to have roads on all the four sides of the site. Cross roads may be planned on straight lines according to magnetic north.



In SEZ allocation of zones should be done very carefully. The central area of the SEZ may be kept free. The area may be maintained as garden or central circle for the whole area.


All the four corners may be kept open to sky. North-east zone may have underground water bodies like pond, pool, well, bore wells, sump etc. Lightweight industries can be located in the north-east area. Software buildings can be located in this area.


South-east area may be allotted to heat based industries or chemical industries.


South zone may be allotted to heavy industries. West zone may be allotted to ancillary industries.


North-west area may be allotted to warehouses.


6.Lay-out plan

The layout plan for each individual industry/factory should be planned carefully as per vastusastra for the overall success of the special economic zone / Industrial Park.


To rectify without any physical changes


for any other issue of non alignment per Vaastu,


Consult Rikhav Khimasia @ Rourkela on 9925171291 for (Best and as cost effective as possible solutions.)


No/Least Structural change solutions.


Rikhav Khimasia

Astro–Vaastu Practitioner

& Karmic Healer


PS – Fees are charged

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Real Life example of Astro-Vaastu combination.

Real Life example of Astro-Vaastu combination.

Dear readers, a few of my friends and relatives who knew a common mutual family, asked me, how that person got a child and that too male issue when NE and EN of that person’s house was cut (cut means, that corner was missing). Over and above, the person’s in-laws house too had a disturbed NE and EN, loaded with staircase. The in-laws definitely did not have any male issues.


Well, allow me to explain.


NE and EN of the male’s house was cut, indicating difficulties to the male child and no male birth to the existing male child.


The Male had a strong powerful exalted Fifth house lord, in the ascendant, with the fifth house and the ascendant being under the aspect of Jupiter, a benevolent planet. Thus, the male in his destiny definitely had children, if not male issues.


So what will work and how, the vaastu or the horoscope? The male himself an astrologer, could not rectify the vaastu in any case while he did not believe in astral remedies, but KARMA, in that case, the curiosity become stronger why and how he could have a child and that too a son.


So here goes,

  1. His natal destiny was strong as per his horoscope.
  2. His spouse astrologically got a NE strong and powerful with placement of the lord of the third house (NE), strongly placed by being Swagruhi in the third house.
  3. Mercury as the lord of his third house (NE) is placed in the 12th house, (ES) in sign of Jupiter. Jupiter in Vaastu signifies NE.
  4. This Jupiter aspects the third house of the male.
  5. Coming back to the lady’s horoscope, Mars as the lord of the third house (NE) aspects her natal Saturn in her horoscope, where, Saturn is the lord of her fifth house of kids, and the same Saturn aspects her natal Mars in her horoscope. (both planets Mars and Sun), signifying kids as per vaastu and horoscope are supporting the NE and the child birth front.
  6. Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, in the male horoscope and vaastu also support each other to have kids and automatically rectify the CUT NE of the male’s horoscope, giving them a son in time.


This is how, many a times negative vaastu is overshadowed by astrology/horoscopy.


These two sciences can thus be profitably used to one’s benefit.



Rikkhav Khimasia

Astrologer-Pyra Vaastu




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Sequel to The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.

Sequel to The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.

I received some queries after I published the above article, so I thought it wise to write down and publish for the benefit of all.


  1. What to do if the main entrance is not as per the horoscope?


For many who have already bought or rented houses not according to their Ascendants, as per earlier article (The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness),

they have some options like


  • Moving to a house as per the ascendant
  • At least get checked, whether astrologically, it is facing a supportive or friendly direction
  • Get Vaastu rectification of Main door moving to the correct direction
  • Get a Pyra Vaastu rectification done


My services as an astrologer and pyra vaastu practitioner in Rourkela, are available, do consult me in case you NEED to stop the negative influences of wrong direction, wrong vaastu of your house/shop/factory/plot.


  1. Does only the vaastu of your house you live in, influence you and your family?


No, primarily all vaastus owned or rented by all family members have their own influences on the head of the family and the family. This is in general. Then Vaastus used by whichever family member/s has a more profound influence on them. Thus it is highly necessary to have all Vaastus checked owned by the family or its members (if it is a joint family).


  1. What happens, if one vaastu is good and the other is bad?


It depends on the %of goodness and badness as well as the astrological time and horoscope of the head of the family and its members.


  1. All the Vaastus I own and use have perfect vaastu and/or rectified using IChing, FengShui, Pyramids, Pujas, Yantras, colours etc., all that I learned from books, mags, newpapers, TV, Internet, FB, WhatsApp et. Etc., still I face some or the other, small or big problem, time and again. Why?


  1. The first thing is, if you could help yourself in that manner, then why and what are we consultants for? It is not that these vehicles of information are giving wrong info, but at times it can be half baked knowledge, or assuming you know the basics or all basics they may have provided genuine info. Kindly refrain from saving a few thousand rupees as fees and do not get into deep trouble.
  2. At times, your horoscope is bad, very bad or a few of the family members are running through a bad time.
  3. Many a times, if you have been owning and/or using negative vaastu for a longtime and then have really done a good genuine makeover of your vaastus, it takes a longtime for the influences of positive vaastu to first eradicate negative influences that have seeped in, then it starts piling over the positive influences in your aura, conscience etc., you need to wait.
  4. Note that, it is not that problems do not come in positive vaastu and/or horoscope. You need to note the intensity of the problem, could it have been worse? Did you get out of it without any kind of loss(financial, emotional, social, etc.)? If you get out of the soup unscathed or with very less loss than anticipated, you are getting the benefits of positive vaastu.


  1. Majority of my Vaastus are bad but I still have a gala time, all over. How is that?


Cause you have a very strong horoscope and consecutive periods of good times in family member horoscopes, but do keep in mind, the negative vaastu is seeping in, in your aura, your conscience, your life. The moment good horoscope converts into bad horoscope, you may start facing trouble. So please be safe.


More later, friends.



Rikkhav Khimasia

Astrology & PyraVaastu

Rourkela (Orissa)


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The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.

The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.


I have come across many people who purchase or rent out properties that face East direction only. Not all East direction properties bring prosperity and success, you may have seen many such properties bringing in utter financial disaster and sorrow in many different areas of life at the same time or one after the other and the poor guy just does not let go of the highly important North facing and/or east facing property.


You know why they do so? Because books and newspapers and the vaastu shastris who become so by reading these books play a lot of stress on the very pious most important North and/or East facing property.


Actually, only those people find advantages of properties which have entrances facing directions as per the horoscope of the owner/head of the family. Renting should also be done based on the horoscope of the main tenant or as per the head of the family.


So, in what direction should you have main door if your Ascendant / Lagna as per horoscope is


Aries – North West

Taurus – East

Gemini – North

Cancer – South East

Leo – South

Virgo – North East

Libra – West

Scorpio – West

Sagittarius – North East

Capricorn – South

Aquarius – South East

Pisces – North


This is to be followed because Astrology and Vaastu both go hand in hand together as planets play a major role in both.


Follow the above table you will be happy.


To confirm this, notice the overall success and happiness level or failures and unhappiness levels or abilities to fight failures and unhappiness, of those who have entrances as per their ascendant / lagna.



Rikhav Khimasia


(Astrology & Pyramid Vaastu)



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God & Astrology – Bhagwan & Jyotish

lock and key editting
Every 1 says “GOD does not create a lock without it’s key & GOD does not give you problems without its solutions. Trust Him.
True. Very true. No objection to it.
1. do we know that the lock on the door we are knocking at is the RIGHT door?
2. Do we know whether the lock is locked?
3. If at all it is locked then how, where, when do we find the solution?
For these issues, GOD created astrologers.
Go on your own OR take paid advise.
(Jyotish Visharad)
(Pyramid Vaastu Expert)
(Life Management Coach/Counsellor)
Rikhav Khimasia
Sidhi baat Kadvi baat
No Gudgudi no bakwaas
I dont open locked doors.
I lead you there based on your KARMA.
I am not a Pandit or Karmakaandi.
I am not a commission agent of jewellers/panditslock and key editting
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